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Amber Peck

Amber Peck

B. 1984, Utah


Instagram: @amber_marie_peck



Amber Peck, b. 1984, is a mixed media artist with a background in photography. Raised in Kaysville, Utah, Amber was married with four children before she decided to pursue a career. At Weber State University, she attended classes part-time and developed a love for visual art. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Photography. She then moved her husband and four children to Brooklyn, New York, for two years to pursue a Master’s degree at Pratt Institute. It was a life-changing experience for their family, and for Amber’s artistic practice. She graduated during NYC’s Covid-19 lockdown and moved back to Utah. She is currently teaching as an Adjunct Instructor at Weber State, and making work from her home studio.

-Artist Statement

-Works Inventory


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