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Chao Wang

Chao Wang

B. 1989, Hangzhou, China

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Instagram: @chaowangart


We are living in a high technology society, and human activities affect the whole environment. When we talk about science and technology, we often think about the future. Even in novels and sci-fi movies, people like to imagine the world in the future. But did sci-fi exist in the past? Does the fairy tale represent a kind of sci-fi story as well? In the old-time, due to the lack of knowledge, people may not be able to explain some supernatural situation, therefore, they create a fairy tale story to describe the scenario. What if there was a remaining of the ancient technology that belonged to other intelligent creatures? People tend to create a large picture with high technology to build a world in the future. But from the microcosmic perspective, as little as viruses and bacteria have the power to destroy a large creature. In my work, I used the Classic of Mountains and Seas as a reference to the fairy tale. I like seeing from a microcosmic perspective and using contrast in my intention to create an atmosphere. I use organic elements such as plants, stones, and shells versus artificial elements to create the largest contrast in my works. These undefined objects would attract the audience to find their own way to explain supernatural scenarios.

-Works Inventory


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