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Kosuke Kawahara

Kosuke Kawahara
B. 1980. Kyoto, Japan

Instagram: @teppennisiri


Kosuke Kawahara is a Brooklyn-based artist, who was born in Kyoto and raised in Shiga, Japan. His intuitive/impromptu gesture generates site-relevant imagery through its multi-layered structure. Kawahara's work is painterly, but it also embraces the specificity of drawing and time-based sequencing. Kawahara explores meditative moments of instability and ways to confront fear through his artistic practice, which is rooted in his experience of the volatile natural environment in Japan, which cultivated his understanding of coexistence with nature, consequently allowing him to accept impermanence, imperfection, and insufficiency in his process. Namely, Kawahara addresses the wild factors of material aging, deterioration, and discoloration in his work.

-Works Inventory


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