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Meirav Zaks

Meirav Zaks

B. 1969, American

Lives and works in NY


Instagram: @meiravzaks


I portray the bodies to investigate figurative representation and the medium of painting, translating concepts into dynamic compositions.  My work employs both representation and abstraction as means of revisiting and coping with personal history, trauma, collective memory, and identity. Drawing on my background as a modern dancer and biochemist, I question representations of self and beauty. Focusing on enlarged portraits, fragmented bodies, and abstractions of isolated body parts, I capture human expressions and gestures.  I use the prolific historical theme of the female nude and subvert it by portraying large figures that escape the picture frame.  The image surfaces vary from thick paint to washy passages or even bare canvas. My goal is to empower women and explore the afterlife of images.

-Works Inventory


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