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Emmett Metier

Emmett Metier 

B. 1993, Fort Dodge, IA

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Instagram: @emmett.metier


Working in sculpture, video, installation, digital media, and painting, each process and material informing the next, I narrate an experience within a body that is undefinable and exceeds boundaries.  Referencing microbiology in form, I draw upon cyborg theory, science-fiction, transsexualism, dildos, BDSM, and psychedelics in the various ways experiences within and conceptions of the body are altered.

There is no definite moment of reveal in the duration of the work, there is no beginning no end as the piece exists in a primordial, endless loop. There is no distinction of essential truth or constructed alternative, nor between the sensational discomfort or sensualism. There is just acknowledgement that we exist within our corporeal body, but there are no essential truths to our assignments. By no means are we confined by the constrictions of our flesh.

-Works Inventory


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