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B. 1971, Chatham Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @art_by_dewy



Dewy (b. 1971) is a Canadian born artist living and working in the United States. Her Brooklyn based practice is influenced by a history of living all across the US and her work centers on themes of memory retention and the inaccuracies and blurry parts that are inherent. Her paintings, sculptures, and large-scale installations are abstracted engagements with the nuance and textures of memory, trauma, and personal histories held within metaphoric and literal containers. Cardboard and resin are frequently used materials, representing elements of transience, compartmentalization, and crystallization.

She received her BFA from Southern Oregon University (SOU) in 2018 and she earned her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2020. She was nominated as an outstanding graduating student, representing SOU in 2018 for a group show at Blackfish Gallery-Portland. She was recently a selected artist with Stay at Home Gallery-Paris, Tennessee. 

-Artist statement

-Works Inventory


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