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Duff Norris

Duff Norris

B. 1984 Denver, CO


Instagram: @duffnorris 


Duff Norris is a performance artist and writer working with notions of audienceship and interstitial spaces of engagement. His guiding question remains, what happens when we specifically are in the room together? He finds his material from the specificity of these answers and moves outward from there. He is focused on intimacy and the slipperiness of language and identity as his material. The works often incorporate conversation, interview, gestural tableaus, and audience engagement in their final form. His work deals with themes of care economies, queer sexuality and gender, and applications of social sculpture and social practice. Over the past 5 years, he has been exploring expressions of masculinity and care between men in various pieces and this current body of work is a visual essay on his personal expressions and mythos. Using self-portrait, personal props, coded symbols, and code-switching to investigate his own trans history, he creates a possible allegory for a broader understanding through photography, sculptures, and performances. He is continually reaching for a new kind of masculinity and he’s chipping away at the veneer of toxicity and heteronormativity that clings to these things. Duff is currently based in Brooklyn New York and has shown work with Grace Exhibition Space- New York City, Out of Site Chicago, the Walters art museum- Baltimore, Performera Tijuana, & Lake Ballard Menzies Australia. He holds degrees from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Pratt Institute. You can find more of his work at

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