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Rodrigo Jimenez-Ortega

Rodrigo Jimenez-Ortega

B. 1994 San Diego, CA


Instagram: @rodrigojimenezo


Being raised in a hybrid environment, at the border, alternating between the United States and Mexico has allowed me to partake in two cultures simultaneously. I grew up speaking both Spanish and English, consuming media from Mexico and the United States, and learning cultural norms from the two countries. With my work I position the culture I come from (Mexico), in relation to the culture I grew up in (United States), in relation to the culture I’ve chosen (Video games and Cartoons). I am actively working to find a way to fuse these different aesthetics, influences and ideas with personal and cultural symbolism in order to produce imagery that is authentic to my experience. My paintings are not a final proposition, judgement or idea. They are the byproducts of my examinations and research into Mexican and American history, the cultures I operate within, and my life. My work is not intended as critique, but rather it provides a perspective from which a viewer can really look at objects, environments, and narratives outside of their usual visibility. I am aiming to portray a more nuanced perspective than the one I was shown.

-Works Inventory


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