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Dasol Hong

Dasol Hong
B. 1988, Seoul, Korea


Instagram: @dasol_art_high


Assertive yet intimate, my work reflects time and personal change. I am interested in finding or imposing order on chaotic body transformation of women. The change of the individual's body, the expansion and contraction, reposition of the social status, change of the external gaze, and all of these changes experienced as a pregnant woman are to be

unraveled in visual language. The birth of life that encompasses the end of changes-The “baby hand” was adopted as a symbol for the movement and growth of the energy of human life and dignity. Hands reveal many things.It describes vocations, reveals emotions and shows a character’s age. In this series of work ‘Baby hand’, the hands are a portrait of new life itself, but at the same time, they also symbolize the condensed energy brought about by changes in the body. It encompasses the end and the beginning at the same time. These little hands repeat, self-replicate, and multiply. Like a group of small fish swimming in large schools for protection, it introduces various faces of the flow of life through changes.

These dynamic waves of life, standing still and moving at the same time.

-Works Inventory


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